The mandatory Introductory post!!

October 29, 2016

I hope to talk to you again soon! Thank you for hearing (reading) me out!
And that’s all for now! I really do hope that I can continue writing this time… for a change!! See you soon, folks!!

Hi everyone..!!Let me introduce myself in the usual boring way! I am Ar. Medha N. Gayathri (no, not Dr. !! It’s Ar. !! It means Architect) and I just joined a school of architecture in Kerala, India, as one of the teaching staff. I have been wanting to write for a while now but, I never found enough time or leisure to actually do so. You will probably hear me lamenting about that a lot, at least in the first few posts! For a start, let me show you the introductory note i wrote for this blog a year back.
Hello dear friends!!I have been looking forward to this moment… when I would FINALLY write something that would actually be read! But of course, lack of time is an integral part of the beautiful and exciting field of Architecture. Four years into the course and I am yet to learn time-management. A final year student now, I have begun to think about the wishes of my past and my expectations of the future. My increasingly frequent encounters with the words ‘thesis’, ‘dissertation’ and ‘research’ seem to have awaken in me a sudden urge to write. So here I am, pouring my heart out to you, hoping that I will find time and energy to continue with this endeavor. 
Recently, I have been meeting a lot of people who encourage me to write more. (You know who you are!!). I have also come across many highly demotivating people. (I wish I could tell you, who!!). But, to my satisfaction, I have, so far, been successful in turning the situation around, by taking inspiration from these influences to hone my creative skills. What you are reading now is a result of that inspiration.
As an ice-breaker, let me tell you my story. I was born as the second child in a Malayali middle-class family in Kerala, India. My elder brother, being the crazy bookworm he is, brought me to the world of books. Since then, it has been one of my favourite worlds. I call it a world because I believe that when you read, it is like a parallel existence! You are a different person, living a different life.. living many different lives! When you are engrossed in reading, you are at the epitome of your imagination. It truly is a great feeling. I and my brother would sit up all night just to finish that one book we picked up during the day. I have lost count of the books I have read during those 10-15 years of my life, while I was still in school. I was living a happy literary life. And then, Architecture happened! Though the sleepless nights of reading did help me complete my college assignments, architecture did not quite return the favour. On the contrary, it took away my precious reading time. The few times I tried to regain it, I understood that an addiction for reading is not healthy for my career, as I could have a VIVA anytime. Nothing could stop me from reading once i started, and by the time I found the strength to stop myself, it would be too late! Hence, my reading has come down a thousand miles, and I am nowhere comparable to what i used to be.
Now that you know how hard it has been for me to find some time to read, you will understand why I haven’t been able to write, till today. As much as I would like to tell you how inspiring architecture is, I will have to keep that for later. I am very talkative, as you will realize soon! But let me just keep this short and sweet (if this can be called short) as this was just an introduction of sorts. 

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