A blog for words yet to be spoken

Words are our greatest allies and our biggest enemies. We should choose them wisely. But that never stopped me from blabbering!

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Art for the soul

Art is an escape with a jolt of reality. Drawing helps me focus, and is a wonderful pass of time!

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Being a trained architect has tremendously improved my aesthetics and has helped me in all facets of design. I also take pride in being a style advisor to dear and near.

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Why am I here?

Maybe I am a very passionate being. This website is about all that I am passionate about.

I write, but I am no writer.
I write, not to overcome my sorrow, but;
I write, so I can bathe in joy.
I write, not as a solution to my problems,
For, I know not how.
I write, not as a means of escape.
I write, mostly for the pure joy of it,
Though sometimes,
I write, so as to not escape.
I write, not because I need to;
I write, because I want to.