The Curious Incident of the Reading Challenge

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

I like reading. This is because it allows me to think of things that are not real like a 15 year old boy with behavioural difficulties travelling alone in London. But sometimes I find it difficult to read because when I read I forget to do other things and I need to do other things for school. So I started reading less. But I miss reading. This is why I decided to do the Reading With Muffy challenge. Muffy said that I should read a book about a dog in January. Muffy is a dog I 'Follow' on Instagram. So I read 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time' by Mark Haddon. And it made me feel like this.

It is very interesting because it is a murder mystery. It is also a story about a very brave boy who tries to overcome his fears and difficulties. I like this book because it is simple and people of any age can understand it. Mr Haddon used simple words to explain the complex mind of Christopher. He made sure that Christopher never goes 'Out Of Character'. Christopher is introduced as a regular boy who is a little different. He has 'Special Needs', but points out that even 'Normal' people have special needs. I like Christopher because he is logical and takes decisions based on facts. This helps him overcome his fears and set priorities. He likes maths, like me, and finds prime numbers fascinating. Unlike me, he has a good memory. I wish I could learn the 'Memory Palace Method' from him.  Christopher showed me that even when we are usually rational, sometimes we need a few irrational ideas, fears, likes and dislikes to help organise our life and thoughts.

Father and Mother are realistic characters with both good and bad sides. All characters are introduced through simple facts and events in Christopher's life as narrated by him. Christopher's day shows us the issues faced by people with behavioural difficulties. But instead of showing them as negative points, Mr Haddon tells us how the boy overcomes each stage.

I read this book during the Christmas vacation. It was nice. Then I finished reading the book. And it made me feel like this.

Everyone interested in reading about psychology or children or dogs or behavioural difficulties or parenting or fiction should read this book.